Faisal Al-Haemony

Owner & Manager

Age: 42
Experience: 20 years
Specialization: Owner , Manager , Dive Instructor , Tec Instructor

    About Me

    Faisal Al-Haemony: A Dive Instructor with Over Two Decades of Experience

    Faisal Al-Haemony is a prominent figure in the world of scuba diving, known for his extensive experience and expertise as both a technical instructor and a dive instructor. With more than 20 years of dedicated service to the underwater realm, Faisal has made a significant impact on the diving community. This article sheds light on his remarkable journey, highlighting his achievements and contributions.

    Early Years and Passion for Diving:

    Faisal’s love affair with the ocean began at an early age. Born with a natural curiosity for the underwater world, he embarked on his diving journey as a teenager. His initial experiences ignited a passion that would shape his entire life. Over time, he honed his skills, earning various certifications and qualifications in diving.

    Becoming a Dive Instructor:

    Faisal’s journey as a dive instructor started when he decided to share his passion with others. He completed rigorous training and certification programs, gaining extensive knowledge in dive theory, safety protocols, and teaching methodologies. His commitment to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of his students has made him a trusted and respected instructor.

    Technical Expertise:

    Faisal’s dedication to diving led him to specialize in technical diving. Technical diving goes beyond recreational limits and explores the depths of underwater caves, wrecks, and deep-sea environments. With Faisal’s extensive technical knowledge, he has not only enhanced his own skills but also guided countless divers in exploring new depths and experiencing thrilling underwater adventures safely.

    A Record-Breaking Achievement:

    One of Faisal Al-Haemony’s most notable accomplishments is his record-breaking dive in Jordan’s Aqaba waters. In a daring expedition, Faisal descended to an astonishing depth of 144 meters, setting the record for the deepest dive ever conducted in the region. This achievement showcased his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of diving.

    Aqaba Pro Divers:

    Faisal Al-Haemony’s passion for diving extends beyond his personal achievements. He is a key figure at “Aqaba Pro Divers,” a renowned diving center in Jordan. Under his guidance, the center has become a hub for diving enthusiasts, providing top-notch training, equipment, and unforgettable diving experiences. Faisal’s presence at the center ensures that every diver receives expert guidance and enjoys a safe and fulfilling dive.

    Influence and Legacy:

    Throughout his career, Faisal Al-Haemony has not only introduced countless individuals to the wonders of the underwater world but has also inspired a new generation of divers and instructors. His dedication to safety, technical expertise, and his record-breaking dive have solidified his status as a respected figure in the global diving community.

    In conclusion, Faisal Al-Haemony’s journey from a passionate diver to a seasoned dive instructor with over 20 years of experience is a testament to his unwavering dedication to the world beneath the waves. His record-breaking dive in Aqaba, along with his contributions to Aqaba Pro Divers, showcases his profound impact on the diving industry. Faisal’s legacy continues to inspire and educate divers worldwide, ensuring that the beauty and mysteries of the underwater realm are accessible to all who share his passion.