Tec 50 Course

Embrace Deeper Exploration

Take the plunge into the world of advanced technical diving with the PADI Tec 50 course. As a certified Tec 45 diver, you’ll conquer depths of up to 50 meters/165 feet and master the art of using multiple gases for decompression.

Course Highlights

  • Deeper exploration and advanced dive planning
  • Two knowledge development sections and practical application sessions
  • Enhanced dive skills and management of multiple stage/deco cylinders
  • Pathway to mastering decompression using three gases

Dive Deeper, Dive Wiser

Elevate your technical diving prowess and push the boundaries of underwater exploration with the Tec 50 course. Gain the expertise needed to safely navigate complex decompression scenarios and explore deeper realms.

Ready to Conquer New Depths?

Embark on a journey of technical mastery. Contact us to enroll in the Tec 50 course and embark on your mission to dive deeper and dive wiser.