Tec 45 Course

Step Up to Repetitive Decompression

Take your technical diving expertise to the next level with the PADI Tec 45 course. Designed for certified Tec 40 divers, this program introduces you to the world of repetitive decompression diving using a single stage/decompression cylinder.

Course Highlights

  • Continuation of the Tec diving journey
  • Three knowledge development sections and practical application sessions
  • Extended depth limit of 45 meters/145 feet
  • Advanced dive planning and accelerated decompression techniques

Master the Art of Repetitive Decompression

Expand your technical diving repertoire and dive deeper into the mechanics of decompression with the Tec 45 course. Develop the skills needed to safely execute repetitive dives and handle complex scenarios.

Ready to Dive into Repetitive Depths?

Unveil the world of repetitive decompression diving. Contact us to enroll in the Tec 45 course and elevate your technical diving journey to new heights.