We went to an amazing, breathtaking trip. It was our first diving trip but we were taught everything before we went in, so we act like we did it before.
It was our first but for sure won’t be our last ❤️😍
Thanks to Aqaba Pro Divers team, specially Hadi and Ali, they were so helpful 🥰

Heba Baker

Never thought that it would be easy to earn my open water PADI certificate! thanks to captain Faisal and Ahmad for making one of my dreams come true.
great experience and looking forward to have more courses with you 🙂

Jeries Naouri

تجربة خياليّه أول مرة بنبسط هيك الفريق قمة الأخلاق والذوق كل الشكر الهم وللكبتن ربيحه رائعه جداً وأسلوبها راقي بالتعامل الواحد بصير نفسه يعيدها كمان مرة وعندهم لبس خاص كامل متكامل للمحجبات الفريق كله رائع ودقيق بالمواعيد وعنجد أي حدا خايف ما يخاف ولازم يجرب فعلاً انبسطت من كل قلبي
شكرًا فريق pro وشكر خاص للكابتن ربيحه 🥰

Fatima Mousa

I'll start the same way I always start, we dive allover the world and have seen alot of dive centers. This is the easiest and most well earned review ever, Aqaba pro divers are professionals, if you are a beginner or a pro, this is the place to be. Faysel is a cool guy, showed us some amazing stuff in the cedar pride wreck and he will make sure you have a good time here, Michael's taste in music matches his taste in dive spots, simply amazing, the other staff seems to be selected on being friendly, hard working and very welcoming. You can just skip all the other schools in the area, because here you are not another number, they pay attention to the individual, which is amazing. Every day we were treated with hospitality, some tea and when our own equipment broke they made sure it was ready to go the next dive. If you are going for a try, just go for Aqaba pro divers divecenter, you won't be disappointed 😃

Anne Botter

IT WAS AMAZING!! I did it with a friend and it was two instructors for us, they were kind, calm and patient! Hadi and Ahmad the best!!! I am sure the rest are as good as them because the owner of the company shows such a good vibes!! you can tell diving is their passion and it is a community. If it is your first time they will take care of you and listen you, if you are a more experienced diver will recommend it too because the owner has a lot of experience and they adapt to your level. Also price amazing and they take pics for you. They will pick you up and drive you to your hotel if need it. they were on time for picking and dropping us. All amazing!!!


It was an incredible experience. The views under the water are amazing. We could see the coral; fishes and also we found very interesting diving a tank and a plane. Faisal was our instructor and he was such a professional. We felt safe all the time both with his instructions and the equipment they let us. It was one of the best experiences we've lived in Jordan and with the amazing pictures and videos Faisal took us we will keep this memories forever. Thank you so much to all the team.


I did two days of diving with Aqaba Pro Divers. My instructor Hadi was very good and helpful in guiding me in the dives and showing me all kinds of fish and corals. All the staff are very friendly and welcoming. The equipment is new and the diving is cheap. A+++

Simone A